My New Recording Of Sacred Songs

I am excited to introduce, JOY, my fourth solo recording. This collection of original compositions explores my favorite musical genres - jazz, gospel, bluegrass, hymns, and spirituals.

JOY is available here in compact disc form, or as a digital download at iTunes: I hope you’ll check it out!

I seek to share God’s love through sacred music and find inspiration from truths I learn in Bible Study as well as in the carpool! From the promise of Revelation 21:1-5 in Joy in the Journey and the assurance of Psalm 147 in Lift Up My Eyes, to the love song of Winter is Past, and the anthem of compassion for needy children in Child of Wonder.

This season I am offering churches a benefit concert featuring the music from all my recordings to aid the cause of their choice – and incorporating musicians of all ages from their own congregation in this intergenerational concert.

See how you can schedule a concert this year:

I pray you peace.
I pray you rest
I pray you joy and happiness.
In times of need, pray mercy comes.
I pray you well. I pray you love.

I pray that laughter helps your tears.
Your friends and family always near.
Pray God forgives the things we’ve done.
I pray you well. I pray you love.

When life’s sorrows break your heart,
and try to tear your world apart.
I pray you look to God above.
I pray you well. I pray you love.

Dawn Holt Lauber